Psychotherapy is a method of treatment based on psychological theory and research. The aim is to help the client overcome mental difficulties, increase his or her self-knowledge, ease symptoms and suffering and to find new solutions to existing problems.

The main emphasis and the method of treatment vary depending on, for instance, the difficulty in question and the client’s age and specific needs. Interaction between client and therapist is, however, crucial. Psychotherapy can be divided into short-term therapy, supportive therapy, individual psychotherapy and group, couples and family therapy.

Short-term therapy

In short-term therapy, focus is on a specific problem, on finding possible solutions to this problem and on bringing fourth the mental resources of the client. Appointments are usually less than 20, but can be relatively frequent.

At Mentline we offer short-term therapy for individuals of all ages. Parental consultations are part of therapy with children and young people as clients.

Supportive therapy

In supportive therapy focus is on the mental resources of the client and on providing support in difficult situations in life, related to, for instance, serious chronic illness or a prolonged crisis. This is a form of long-term therapy, appointments, however, are not frequent.

Mentline provides supportive contacts for individuals of all ages. Parental consultation is part of therapy involving children and young people.

Individual psychotherapy/reconstructive psychotherapy

Individual, or reconstructive, psychotherapy, aims at increasing the client’s self-knowledge, as well as at changing fixed action patterns that are disturbing to the client and cause anxiety and deterioration of quality of life. Reconstructive psychotherapy is an intensive form of therapy with appointments at least once a week for a minimum period of one year, usually several years.

Mentline offers individual psychotherapy for young people and adults. Parental consultations are part of therapy with young people as clients.

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