Psychological tests

Psychological assessments are evaluations by psychologists that are based on standardized test methods, interviews and observation. Depending on the aim of the test, the cognitive capacity of the client, i.e. the intelligence, the ability profile, i.e. the intelligence structure, social and emotional functioning, personality or mental health/well-being are all possible to evaluate. The ability profile or intelligence structure, shows the level of the different cognitive areas; linguistic, visual, visual-motoric and executive abilities, in relation to each other, and thus points out the cognitive strenghts and weaknesses of the client.

Ther purpose of psychological tests for children is usually to evaluate the level of development of the child and to chart different areas of development. School children are tested for learning disabilities, as well for the purpose of recognizing related strengths. Adults may require psychological testin as part of an evaluating regarding working capacity and elderly people may be in need of memory or dementia tests. When it comes to diagnosis and planned treatment of mental difficulties, people of all ages are able to benefit from psychological tests.

For adults Mentline offers intelligence and personality tests, as well as memory and dementia tests. For children and young people we evaluate development and analyse learning disabilities. With referral from a doctor, the tests mentioned above are covered by your health insurance.