Depression affects one in five people at some point in their lives. Someone is said to be depressed when they feel sad or low for a period of time and it affects their everyday activities. The causes are not always obvious and can be complex.

Depression is one of the most widespread diseases. Depressed people often feels anxiety, have sleeping problems and reduced appetite. Life seems to be without meaning and there is no spark of life.

Depression can occur without any clear cause or be trigged by some external incident as problems in the family, sorrow or some big changes in life. Hard expriences earlier in life can make you prone to get depression as an adult. Many factors contribute to depression. Examples of these are biological vulnerability, heredity and stress. Depression can also be an early indication of some psysical problems as dementia, lack of thyroid hormone or heart- and vascular disorders.

Treatment of depression

Depression can be treated with medicines and psychotherapy. Methods of treatment have developed during the last years as has our knowledge of the the course of depression. In the case of severe or moderate depressive episode it is recommended to use medical treatment. Medication is usually combined with psychotherapy.